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Pienso, luego colapso

Pienso, luego colapso
El Pasajero
Pienso, luego colapso

In October 2022 we published in Spanish a second edition of Pienso, luego colapso, a book of texts, poems and aphorisms by El Pasajero (pseudonym), member of the bands Ultratomba  and Floristería Mateo Morral, among others.

No possibility to flee. There is no confusion. Nothing is allowed because there is nothing to remedy. We reach the climax of unquestionable progress. Absolute happiness. Capitalist society reaches its most successful doses of indoctrination. Mastery of minds and mastery of reality. All that remains is sustainability: measuring, calculating, contrasting. All we have left is control: measure, calculate, balance. To hold on to the tiny certainty that uncertainty represents. I think, therefore I collapse…

This book is the presentiment of the end of an era. An age, an epoch, a generation that looks itself straight in the eye, folded in on itself and on the verge of imploding. Everything that has been done remains to be done: ironies of an ironic destiny. Will better times come? Or better: will we? In the meantime, El Pasajero invites you to look this interval in the face, to become aware of it, to enjoy the spectacle. Sit down for a moment to read. Sit down for a moment to think. Sit, sit and wait. What awaits is the inevitability of collapse.


El Pasajero: Pienso, luego colapso

October 2022, 196 pages, B&W illustrations, format 105×180 mm 
ISBN: 978-80-908192-4-5 
Price: 12 €

Available in Czechia at ArtMap bookshop or PageFive